Living Full Circle: Intentional Leadership Training

Harness your focus and be the leader you were meant to be.

Change your thoughts, change your world.

Gain Balance & Energy

Build Inner Confidence & Strength

Increase Focus & Clarity

Drown out the noise with focus & intention.

Shaming yourself doesn’t lead to change, accepting yourself authentically as you are opens the door for the real shift in your life.

Constantly being on the go is exhausting and can diminish your mental wellness over time. It also affects the people around you. It’s time to harness that focus on what matters most so you can let go of everything else. This opens space for being intentional.

You know you are ready for a change. That’s why you are here. I have witnessed firsthand how small consistent steps achieve huge things!

The missing piece is self-awareness.

There is a growing need to develop specialized skills for how we interact with each other. Times are changing. There is an opportunity for us to do things better.

You can lead with empathy. You don’t need to be tough as nails to get the job done.

Leading with intention can help you.

Hi! I’m Jenene Wooldridge BA (Hons), CAPA, ICD.D

You have to slow down, to go fast.

So many people, just like you, are feeling stuck and need help to get back on the right path.

Do you want a legacy you can be proud of? How would you feel if you knew how to harness precious energy and time right now while creating an impactful change for future generations?

As an Indigenous woman and leader I realized in order for me to live my best life I need to heal myself, as no one was going to do it for me.

For years I’ve coached others, just like you, showing them the tools they need to start living their best life.

As an author and spiritual thought leader I come from a long line of hereditary and elected Chiefs. This has brought me to where I am today, enriched with the incredible teachings to share, including using of the Medicine Wheel as a framework for this important work. I can help you take the guesswork out of your next steps by giving you what you need to start living your best life today!


You will be able to start living with intention and balance, focus on what matters most and start leading with intention. We are going to take a journey together on a path to your better self using traditional medicine wheel teachings that many Indigenous people have used for centuries.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It will be like watching a flower come into bloom as we use spiritual practices to allow your leadership within to bloom.

3 steps to start living your best life:


Register for the 6-week leadership course.


Capture your inner strength and wisdom.


Become the inspiring leader you were meant to be.

Don’t waste more time with lack of clarity and connection.

Living an unbalanced life
Being disconnected from what matters most
Continuous overwhelm
Lacking clarity
Wasting the potential to live your best authentic life.

Start living with intention and own your power.

Foster mindfulness, clarity, and balance
Build resilience and emotional strength
Learn to embrace challenges and approach situations with confidence
Nurture the ability to listen and trust your intuition
Develop strategies and tools to maximize your use of time and energy

This is your one and only life. Be the driver. Enjoy the journey.


Optimize your year with the Living Full Circle Planner.

Achieve balance and enjoy purposeful living by embracing the teachings of the medicine wheel.

Discover what you need to live your best life. The Living Full Circle Planner includes twelve themed months and 52 weeks of guided reflection, with practical tips and inspirational support. Create meaningful goals, develop healthy habits, and track your progress towards a mindful life.

Everything you need will come from within.

Unearth the beauty and energy of you - the person you are intended to be. Claim your power and show up with confidence, both personally and professionally.